Royal Irish Regiment of Foot

The following men commanded the Royal Irish while it served in America

  • Colonel Sebright
  • Lt. Colonel Wilkins
  • Maj. Hamilton
  • Maj. Shee
Sir John Saunders Sebright

Sir John Saunders Sebright was born in Flamstead Parish, Hertfordshire, England on 19 October 1725. He was the second son of Sir Thomas Saunders Sebright (4th Baronet) and Henrietta Dashwood. Sebright was promoted to major general on 13 March 1761. In April 1762, he was given command of the 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot. He died at his home on 23 February 1794.





Lt. Colonel John Wilkins

Wilkins purchased the lieutenant colonelcy of the Royal Irish in June 1765.

Wilkins finally sold out after much difficulty on 7 December 1775, to Adam Williamson of the 61st Regiment.

Major Isaac Hamilton

Hamilton entered the army on 9 October 1747 as an ensign in the Royal Irish Regiment. Hamilton retired on 24 July 1775.
Major John Shee

Shee came to America with the regiment in 1767. Capt. Shee became Major Shee on 26 July 1775 upon the retirement of Isaac Hamilton.
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