Royal Irish Regiment of Foot


Below are listings of all of the officers who ended their North American Service as subalterns (lieutenants, ensigns, or volunteers). Many went on to higher rank after returning to England. Subalterns, both lieutenants and ensigns, were to assist the captain (company commander) in his duties. Each battalion company was assigned a lieutenant and an ensign, except the colonel's company where the captain-lieutenant replaced the lieutenant's position. The flank companies were each assigned two lieutenants. Ensigns were commissioned officers with command authority. Lt. Maxwell
Grenadier Lieutenant Maxwell, ca 1790
  • Lieutenants
  • Ensigns
  • Volunteers

George Bewes
George Bruere
William Conolly
Edward Crosby
John de Berniere
John Peter Delancey
John Joiner Ellis
Alexander Fowler
John Hamilton
Francis John Kelly
John Mawby, Jr.
Marcus Paterson
William Perkins
Edmund Prideaux
William Raymond
William Smith
Nicholas Trist

James Aldcroft
George Buttricke
Horace Churchill
Caeser Colclough
Thomas Cumming
Claudius Hamilton
Edward Hand
Charles Hoar
Francis Howard
John Piercy
Sir John Wilmot Prideaux
Thomas Serle
Henry Shaw
William Henry Slator
Thomas Thomasson
Godfrey Tracey
James Taylor Trevor
Samuel Twentyman
John Wilcocks

George Mawby
Sebright Mawby



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