Royal Irish Regiment of Foot

Discipline and Military Justice

This section of the site will be dedicated to providing materials related to court martials, courts of inquiry and the punishment book of the 18th Foot.

The returns of a few regimental court martials have been found within the returns of general courts martial. The Royal Irish experienced a high number of general courts martial while in America. Several have been transcribed and will be available shortly as other sections of the website are developed.

The punishment book for Shee's Detachment in Boston from late 1774 through mid-1775 was located at the National Army Museum. It was republished in the Journal for the Society of Army Historical Research (JSAHR)

Baule, S. & Hagist, D. (2010). The Punishment Book of the Royal Irish and 65th Regiments of Foot 1774-1775, Journal for the Society of Army Historical Research. Spring 2010.

Court Martials from Other Regiments
55th Regiment of Foot
Northern Army & 62nd Regiment of Foot, 1777

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