Royal Irish Regiment of Foot

Staff Officers of the 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot

Four commissioned and one warranted officer were assigned as part of the regimental staff. They were assigned to the Colonel's Company (General's Coy) for administrative purposes but it wasn't uncommon for them to actually serve detached from the General's Coy.

The commissioned staff officers were the chaplain, the adjutant, the quartermaster and the surgeon. The warranted officer was the (surgeon's) mate. The chaplain, surgeon and mate's roles were to minister to the spiritual and physical health of the regiment respectively. The adjutant was responsible for the daily duties of the regiment under the commander's direction and the quartermaster handled logistical l issues. The chaplain sometimes hired a deputy chaplain to minister to the men in his stead. Mates were not listed in the Army Lists as they were not commissioned.

Army List 1775
Army List entry for the Staff Officers of the Royal Irish, 1775

Staff Officers of the 18th (Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot

Stanley Leathes
Daniel Thomas
William Smith (Deputy)
Robert Newburgh

Samuel Turner
John Mawby, Senior
John Mawby, Junior
George Buttricke
Thomas Thomasson
Edward Hand
John Linn
John Handamede



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